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or the evolution of the Internet

Dear Bankless Nation,
We would like to introduce our new section called Metaverse — in it, we will talk about NFTs, Web3, Play to Earn Games, Metaverse and other subjects related to the new digital economy emerging in the Blockchain. The idea is to share with you weekly articles as well…

ZenDrop at Solana 🧘🏻‍♂️

Epic Arcade NFTs — Coming soon to Solsea

This collection is for all the game lovers

Epic Arcades | Revive all the good memories
Introducing ZenDrop 🧘🏻‍♂

NFT collector routine is crazy, right? Be aware of all those projects, drops, do your own research, keep track of dozens of Discord channels and notifications, deal with bots and scams, you know the drill… We want to avoid…

ou a evolução da Internet


Caro leitor, talvez você nunca tenha ouvido essa palavra antes. Metaverso? Oi? O que diabos é isso? Tudo bem, afinal de contas, ninguém tem a obrigação de saber de tudo não é mesmo? Nós do Bankless ainda estamos criando, aprendendo, desbravando e co–criando o Metaverso junto com você. …

My first NFT project

Lonely cryptonaut at Metaverse — NFT available at OpenSea ETH blockchain

Why I did this project?

In the last months, I started to dig more deeply into the rabbit hole that is crypto, blockchain, and NFTs (if you are reading this, you probably know what I mean…). All this new world is just fascinating! …

New book release | selected works from São Paulo, Prague and Berlin.

Chaos & Order photography book by odair Faleco

For me, photography is not just the result, but the process itself: prepare the camera, wander around the streets, observe with attentive eyes, wait for the right moment, the right scene (fishing). It’s a constant process of framing fragmented pieces of reality, in a certain way, it’s like transforming the…

Odair Faléco

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